NTD funding not correlated with disease burden (general review of NTD R&D funding)

“…research funding is highly concentrated and has little correlation with burden of disease, as measured by DALYs.

For instance, HIV, TB, and malaria accounted for 125 million DALYs in low- and middle-income countries in 2004 [17] and received nearly 80% of total funding; while pneumonia and the diarrhoeal illnesses accounted for 165 million DALYs in these countries in the same year [17] but received less than 6% of total funding. Likewise, helminth infections received less than half the funding of kinetoplastid diseases although their disease burden was three times higher (12 million DALYs in 2004 compared to 4 million DALYs for the kinetoplastid diseases) [17]; while dengue had a disease burden 20 times lower than helminth infections at 600,000 DALYs in 2004 [17] but received nearly twice as much funding (seeĀ Table 2).”

PLOS 2009


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