R&D cost estimates are impossible to verify due to secrecy

“Despite three decades of research in this area, no published estimate of the cost of developing a new drug can be considered a gold standard. Existing studies vary in their methods, data sources, samples, and therefore estimates. While some methods are methodologically strong and some findings have been widely cited, the fact that the data and even the subjects of investigation are kept secret make it impossible to assess validity and reliability. Studies on this topic should be subject to reasonable audit and disclosure of – at the very least – the drugs which authors purport to provide development cost estimates for. Only then will we be able to meaningfully interpret and apply the evidence generated from studies of the cost of new drug research and development.” 

The cost of drug development: A systematic review
Steve Morgan, Paul Grootendorst, Joel Lexchin, Colleen Cunningham, Devon Greyson
Health Policy 2011


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  1. […] …BUT ULTIMATELY, the area is very grey due to the undisclosed nature of R&D costs. See this Evidence. […]

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