Econ review supporting feasibility of NTD R&D using push and pull mechanisms

[WARNING: This paper explicitly uses neoliberal economic theory as its basis for analysis. This may be useful for presenting to other market-advocates, but it is disappointingly narrow-minded in consideration of new paradigms]

“Empirical evidence suggests that the incentives from patents in the developing world are not sufficient to promote research into neglected infectious diseases that is adequate to the social and economic costs of those diseases. We have, therefore, analysed several push and pull incentive mechanisms proposed in the literature with respect to the question of whether they mitigate the problem of underinvestment in R&D for neglected infectious diseases….

…Hence, a combination of push and pull programmes appears to be an appropriate strategy for stimulating research into neglected infectious diseases. On the one hand, early-stage (basic) research should be supported through push mechanisms, for example, research grants or publicly financed research institutions. On the other hand, pull mechanisms, such as legally binding and enforceable purchase commitments or prize fund mechanisms, have the potential to stimulate specific, product-oriented research into neglected infectious diseases.”

Health Econ Policy Law. Apr 2013; 8(2): 185–208.

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