Indian Intellectual Property: Time For A Legal (WTO) Complaint?

article of November 2013 after the rejection (april 2013) of the patent application of Glivec (Novartis) and the ‘compulsory licensing’ of (Nexavar from Bayer):

-a US government lawyer alledges, that it might be about time ‘…for an international legal complaint against India for its disregard of corporate intellectual property…’

-the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks India as “…worst among several major economies – including China – in the strength of its patents system.”

-According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “granted and enforced patents in India have fallen steeply since the late 2000s, after an uptick around 2005…”

-Glivec: $1,900 a month vs. generic alternatives: $175 a month.

    -Novartis claims 95 percent of patients needing the drug, or 16,000 people, receive it free of         charge thanks to a company program, nevertheless the company made $4.6 billion selling           Glivec alone in 2012, which became its top-selling drug that year.

==> Novartis (2012): 

      -$32 billion in net sales of its pharmaceuticals
      -$9.5 billion in profits
      -it claims to have invested twenty-one percent of their net sales ($6.7 billion) back on R&D
      (“The company notched $9.3 billion in total R&D expenses in 2012,
        but spent only $6.7 billion in core pharma research, spread over 138 projects”)


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