Sofosbuvir reference collection

My favourite overview: i-base

Gilead financial success on sofosbuvir

  • Fastest-selling drug in history
  • Shares steadily rising
  • Made CEO a billionaire in March (2014)

  • 9 billion estimated in first three quarters
  • New drug – Harvoni. ~95,000 USD

(Real and effective) R&D costs

Over the period of sofosbuvir development (2009-2011), Pharmasset reported total R&D expenditure of 172mil, of which 62mil are directly attributable to sofosbuvir. [This means less than 2% of the 11bil cost being recouped by Gilead goes to compensating the R&D investment]
bottom of page 3,


NHS will treat 500 patients
there are 216,000 patients with hep C in the UK

UAEM response to gilead licence


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