Voluntary licensing and tiered pricing are ineffective and help Gilead Sciences maintain market dominance – essay by Médecins du Monde

(…) How are the tiered and standardized prices being set?
They appear to be based more on maximizing rather than
simply yielding profits (…)

VLs [voluntary licenses] fit in with commercial strategies developed by pharmaceutical companies to allow them to continue to control the market for particular drugs. (…)

World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that over 150 million people are chronically infected [with HCV] worldwide (…) [the] license leaves out 77.4 million people with HCV from access to SOF in LICs and MICs. (…)

Gilead is nevertheless ensuring through these VLs that it obtains royalties in countries where it does not have a market monopoly. (…)

Sofosbuvir is not innovative enough at the molecular level to warrant a patent (…)

New Treatments for Hepatitis C Virus: Strategies for Achieving Universal Access

By Pauline Londeix, technical advisor to Médecins du Monde


March 2014


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