Considerations for a demonstration pooled fund for R&D based on CEWG recommendations


This paper outlines a new international fund for R&D of technologies to meet health needs in developing countries, as recommended by the CEWG in 2012:

  1. Potential Limitations and Opportunities of pooling, at regional and global levels,
  2. Functions of the fund,
  3. Principles and Policies in accordance with CEWG recommendations,
  4. Basic Governance Arrangements and
  5. Costs.


“Resource-mobilization for the pilot Pooled International Fund should take place according to CEWG principles. The CEWG report strongly emphasized the principle of shared public responsibility (…) Though Member States have opted instead to take a voluntary approach, financing a pooled fund could and should still reflect a broad-based Member State-driven sharing of responsibility with many countries contributing.”

“Broadly, this analysis finds that the potential advantages to pooling at the global level are considerable, that some of the risks can be mitigated, and that therefore Member States should support and contribute to a pilot fund for the Demonstration Projects”

“The selection of four Demonstration Projects is not only an opportunity to demonstrate how specific innovative R&D approaches may work, but also to test out new institutional arrangements at the global level that will yield critical insights for the discussions in 2016 and beyond. After decades of debate on how to achieve more equitable innovation and access to health technologies, a pilot pooled international fund for R&D is a new form of global cooperation that is long overdue.”


Demonstration Financing: Considerations for the New International Fund for R&D, July 2014,

By Suerie Moon, MPA, PhD,

Published by DNDi

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