Bookmarklet Instructions

Get the bookmarklet here:!.aspx for you native email app, or here!%20(Gmail).aspx for Gmail integration.

1. When on the page linked above, drag the ‘Evidence!’ icon on that page to your bookmark bar.
2. When you are on a great article which should be added to UAEM Evidence, click the bookmarklet.
3. Clicking this will open your native* email client with us as the recipient, the title of the page you’re on as the subject, and the URL in the message.
4. Add a ‘digested point’ to the message, or just click Send.

[Should take about 10 seconds.]

Try it out with this article once you’ve put the bookmarklet into the bookmark bar of your browser, it’s really fun.

Feedback is welcome, and you can join the Evidence Team! Email us. (

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