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FDA has low efficacy threshold for approving cancer medicines

Drug price increases are common in the USA

Falsified drugs are less of a problem (anti-malarials) than drug quality, which is a regulatory issue

Evergreening is common

The purported ‘innovation dip’ is an artefact of the time periods previously studied. Reports of declining innovation need to be considered in the context of their timescale and perspective.

Only 36% of people with cancer in India receive any form of treatment

Hedge-fund style Pharmaceutical strategies impact patients the most, but have less impact on health systems and insurance companies than do smaller price increases on widely used drugs.

IP on basic research reduces subsequent scientific research and product development

Pharma lobbying expenditures

Examples of enormous price raises of old drugs

Excessive profit margins by Big Pharma rebutted by R&D costs, long-term healthcare savings, and short window to make profit.

Summary of clinical trial transparency in the EU / EU Ombudsman rules clinical trials not trade secrets

Pharma profit margins are very high

New (much better) evidence that pharma marketing spend > R&D spend

Marketing is the enemy of Innovation (Applbaum)

Pharma patient assistance programs can act as industry subsidies.

Pharma patient assistance programs do not have enough data to support them.

For-Profit Pharmaceutical Companies are Obliged to Chase High Profits

Cochrane Collab founder Iain Chalmers challenges ABPI’s claim that 90% drugs come from industry

Possible to produce Hep-C drugs for far lower, affordable price

UN Special Rapporteur’s mission to GSK (responsibility of Pharma to uphold right to health)

Only small proportion of patent portfolio applied for before product launch, patents continue steadily after launch

Pharma takes out as many patents as they can

R&D cost estimates are impossible to verify due to secrecy

Clinical Trial Data is hidden; this bias crucially invalidates many meta-analyses

Pharma responsible for (a lot of) publication bias in research

Loss of pharma revenue following lower prices will not jeopardise drug research

Pharma spends more on lobbying than anyone else

More than 30% of new drugs originate in universities

EU commission recognises failure in innovation

A (fierce) deconstruction of the alleged costs of drug R&D