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Excessive profit margins by Big Pharma rebutted by R&D costs, long-term healthcare savings, and short window to make profit.

Pharma profit margins are very high

New (much better) evidence that pharma marketing spend > R&D spend

low-cost access to new (interferone-free) hepatitis c therapy regimen is feasible for 100-250 US$ per person

Original de-linkage proposal

March-in rights on Federally funded research have not been effective at securing access to medicines. Non-exclusive licensing should be pursued instead.

Large group of leukaemia doctors denounce high drug prices

Publicly generated patents should be licensed and managed in a way that makes products affordable

Half of all health R&D funding is from public/not-for-profit sources (2005, data from OECD + others)

Tiered-pricing is not a good strategy for improving A2M

One-sixth of the world’s population suffers from NTDs

Original source of the “90/10 gap” (!)

1% of global R&D investments are for NTDs

Numbers of HIV-infected in South Africa at time of Stavudine case

2001: MSF gets pharma to drop legal attack on South African parallel-imports legislation

One-third of the world don’t have regular access to medicines

More than 30% of new drugs originate in universities

Most innovative drugs are developed by Unis & Biotech

UN Human Rights Council reaffirms access to medicines as essential to right to health (most recent)

Only 1% of global pharma income is from Low-Income Countries

Yale’s Dean of Public Health: Yale did not lose money due to Stavudine patent concession

Humanitarian NGOs rely on generics