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Polymorphs and Prodrugs and Salts (Oh My!): An Empirical Analysis of “Secondary” Pharmaceutical Patents

-Secondary patent claims are extremely common (more common than chemical compound patent claims), and have a significant effect on the patent-life of drugs -TRIPS does require member countries to adopt patent protection, but these requirements are general and do not mention secondary patents (reference number 21: Harmonization and Its Discontents: A Case Study of TRIPS Implementation in […]

Indian Intellectual Property: Time For A Legal (WTO) Complaint?

article of November 2013 after the rejection (april 2013) of the patent application of Glivec (Novartis) and the ‘compulsory licensing’ of (Nexavar from Bayer): -a US government lawyer alledges, that it might be about time ‘…for an international legal complaint against India for its disregard of corporate intellectual property…’ -the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks India as “…worst among […]